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Finally..finally found my drawing rutt again. It seriously took me forever to get back into my artwork but I've managed to produce some decent pieces recently. Funny part is, its artwork I drew a few years ago and just fixed up and improved. Haha so basically the lesson here is never EVER throw away scraps and junk art cuz it could end up serving as inspiration later :nod:

Also, I have just been informed that one of my pieces InuKag : The Kiss by Ebony-of-the-Moon has just won an award with an Inuyasha fanart group called the Feudal Association. It won 2nd place in the Romance category! I am extremely honored that someone took the time to nominate and vote for my piece! Thank you soo much to everyone that supports this little hobby of mine! If I could hug all of you I would :hug:
So recently I know I haven't been submitting anything here. And that is because of two things: my time consuming job and lack of inspiration. I've attempted to sketch some stuff but so far most of it is just krap. My hours at work are extremely long and they leave me dead tired when I come home so I am freakin tired like all the time now...however, I have recently had a small spirt of inspiration and have produced some decent artwork. I have also discovered the power of editing so my current gallery is going to get some major more plain drawings with BORING backgrounds for me!!
Omg! I've been hearing about and getting excited for the Kamisama Hajimemashita anime coming out on Oct. 1. This is one of my all time favorite mangas and its finally getting its own anime. I even managed to find a teaser clip on youtube for the first episode. The animation looks extremely well done and they definitely paid close attention to detail. So follow link below and start fangirling along with me:
Click here for your fangirling pleasure -->…
I am sorry to say that I am no longer going to be taking commissions and that any commissions/requests that I have already taken on are going to be dis-continued. I finally managed to find work and my new job is going to be taking up a lot of my freetime. I will still have some time to draw some of my own art but I won't be posting a ton of new stuff often....

Again I am very sorry about this but I feel I shouldn't continue making you guys wait for art I'm probably never going to get around to doing...:forgiveme:

Ok so I am totally excited for the next few weeks! Adult Swim has finally gotten caught up with their Bleach dubs episodes to the big fight between Ulquiorra and Ichigo!! Kyaa <3!! I have been waiting for a looong time to see this fight with the English language version!! Every time I hear the english voice for Ulquiorra I get shivers down my's just that sexy and mysterious..

Also, I watched the fourth Bleach movie yesterday and nearly died of fangirl happiness the first 2 minutes of it. In the first scene of the movie it's a re-animated version of the big fight between Ulqui and Ichi. The animation is ten times better than the tv series and is completely orgasmic.

Not a lot of inspiration to draw or write this week. I've been sketching and stuff but nothing that I feel is worthy. May post a sketch dump later with a bunch of my current WIPs and ask you guys which ones you think I should finish...
I finally managed to finish the second chapter of my SessKag fic "Sesskag : The Relations of You and Me". I have a newly found respect for writers. Cuz writer's block is ten times worse than artist's block...

Anyways you you can read the second chapter on my fanfiction account here: :iconebonys-writings:
Ok so recently I discovered I have a knack and passion for writing fanfiction as well as making artwork. So please check out my new Fanfiction account here:

My first fic ever "SessKag: The Relations of You and Me" is under way and chapter one can be read on both of my accounts. However I won't be posting any more chapters on this account. So, if you want to keep reading, watch me on my new account! Hurry up cuz chapter two will be posted soon!

OMG! Mako and Korra confessed to each other!! They finally kissed!!! And its the one from the season promo ad..they werent lying to us!! It actually happened!! :woohoo: [They aren't officially together yet btw, they are just aware of each other's feelings]

However, Mako is a little less hot to me after he did that little nose rub thing with Asami. It was just too unmanly and totally *blegh* :puke:

And at first I didn't like Asami at all for obvious Makorra reasons but now I just feel sorry for her. I mean Mako is [apparantly] going to leave her for Korra plus he kissed Korra while they were together. She's kinda screwed relationship-wise..
Ok so at first I wasn't expecting much from the new Avatar season The Legend of Korra...

Then I watched it...OMFG

It's so amazing. The new set of characters are great and I love how they made Korra into a kick-ass tomboy rather than a girly-girl. The new modern setting is refreshing as well. And I know there were tons of Zutara fans with the old season so I think it was smart of the creators to make Korra' love interest [Mako] a firebender. Korra is a water tribe girl btw... Also Mako may just be sexier than Zuko in my opinion, which is even better.
I watched Rurouni Kenshin: Seisouhen and I swear I lost half my weight in tears :tears: The ending is so f*cking sad!!!
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It is officially the coolest thing ever when artist's or authors you look up to and admire on DeviantArt comment or +fav your work. Or when they add you to THEIR deviant watch. It's just so awsm...
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Sometimes I draw things simply to please my inner fan-girl..she get moody if she doesn't recieve a consistant supply of fanservice:

Sexy sexy by Ebony-of-the-Moon I stole Ulqui's shirt..and I'm not giving it back by Ebony-of-the-Moon :thumb270172718: :thumb282149104: :thumb285940206: Inuyasha Boys : The Haircut by Ebony-of-the-Moon
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- Tite Kubo is a jerk for thinking about bringing back Grimmjow in the new Bleach arc but not Ulquiorra too. Sure lots of people loved Grimmkitty and wanted him to come back, but I'm sure just as many, or even more, wanted to see Ulqui again...

- I bought the Vampire Knight Artbook and the art is just gorgeous, however the author really made me feel bad about myself when I learned all of her artwork was done with Copics [what I use]. I seriously need to practice more...

- My current manga obsession is Kamisama Hajimemashita. It's my ideal shoujo. The artwork is really well done. The story is good and easy to follow with a simple yet intricate plot. And it centers around a taboo relationship between a human and a non-human. Now that I think about it, my top three favorite pairings are this type of taboo:

Ulquiorra x Orihime = hollow x human
Sesshoumaru x Kagome = youkai x human
Tomoe x Nanami = youkai x human

...huh, well look at that...I guess i'm obsessed LOL

- My current TV show obsession is The Vampire Diaries. Damon Salvatore and Elena were meant to be. Stefan Salvatore is annoying. Actually this is also an example of a taboo relationship (vampire x human). Weird...I guess I have problems..

- Currently working on all commissions. I want to submit all of them at once to be fair to everyone so plz be patient..Thank You :]

....Well then that is all
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Omg I completely forgot about my previous commissions that I hadn't finished. I am so sorry you guys. I had been doing some heavy duty schooling and then the holidays came and I just spaced out on them. Now I'm not saying that I didn't have time to do them, because I did, and I have been posting art all this time.. its just that I forgot I still had commissions to do. These are the commissions that I desperately need to get finished and posted:

:iconanjiookami:  - OC in wolf form
:iconykajitaka: - YueXSakura from CardCaptor Sakura
:iconmayamystery: - Charity and newborn son
:iconthunderwarp: - OC Titan-Hija

Again a thousand apologies:forgiveme:


[P.S.] - I will still take on the 5 commissions I said I would in the last journal entry, however it may be a while because my past commissions need to be done first
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Hey there everyone,

I have decided to open commissions again and of course they will be free :] If anyone would like me to draw something for them [whether it be an OC, Ulquihime, SessKag, InuKag, Bleach, Inuyasha, Naruto or watever you'd like] please let me know. I will only be accepting 5 commissions for the time being so message me soon to get a spot. You can either comment on this journal entry or send me a note.

With Love,
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Ok so i have a lot of drawings that i want to make nice prints/posters of so I can hang them on my wall in my room. However, I have no idea where i'm supposed to go or if it will be expensive..:hmm:

Can somebody let me know where i should go and if its cheap? Or even better if there is a website that i could just submit my digital files to and they send me the prints by mail? would be much appreciated :]
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Recently I decided to go back over old artwork to revise and edit them in order to improve their artistry and quality. So feel free to browse through by gallery to see the improvements :peace:
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I start a drawing and spend an hour or two working on it. Then I put it away to finish later and forget about it. Soon a new idea comes to me and I start another drawing. Spend an hour or two working on it and then put it way for later... Eventually I have a whole folder of incomplete drawings that I just have no idea what do with. I contemplate throwing them away, burning them, making a lovely assortment of paper airplanes...and then burning them. :onfire:

Does any body else do this?
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Hey There!

Just wanted to give updates on current commissions....


:icontsuna-draken: = COMPLETED

:icontaishobee: = COMPLETED

:iconr3darkang3l: = COMPLETED [but I may color it later]

:iconanjiookami: "OC in wolf form" = ...not yet started

:iconykajitaka: "OC's Shinju and Peter" = ...not yet started

:iconmayamystery: "Charity and newborn son" = ...not yet started

:iconthunderwarp: "OC Titan-Hija" = ...not yet started

Thank you all for your patience! I started college again last week so I've been super busy with assignments and school in please bear with me with submitting the remaining commissions... :thanks:

Love to all my watchers and friends ~ :heart:

- Alexa
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If you want to color my linearts pleeaaasse ask permission first! :thanks:

Some of my art I'm ok with letting others color, but some things i want to keep strictly mine..i'm sure you can understand...

Also if you do color something of mine please give me credit for the lines in ur artists comments..(and send me a link of ur finished coloring, i'd love to see it) :)

Commissions Update ~ [I do these for free so pleaz b patient..]

Still working on all commissions, but will begin uploading some of them soon! thank you for your patience! :)